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In collaboration with some of the country’s top universities, Rowan has built groundbreaking interactive books that have redefined digital education. Written by the industry’s foremost experts in their field, these award-winning boos are the authoritative source on their topic. And stacked with interactive content - from animated maps to interactive timelines and manipulable 3D models - they engage the student like never before. Check out our signature books on history, leadership development, or military science. Or check out our store for our full suite of products:



Available across multiple platforms - including desktop and mobile - our proprietary reading software has a suite of innovative features, including: highlighting and bookmarking features, peer-to-peer communication, integrated endnotes and image credits, advanced search/index features, and pop-up glossary terms, biographies, and deep dives.

Do you have a book ready for the this digital interactivity? We can easily convert it into our system and add custom interactivity. Engage your audience like never before.


A Sophisticated CONTent BUILDER

We not only make interactive books, but also give you the ability to make your own. Want to distribute your book online? Assemble a course reader? Share a training manual? Write an online article? Digitally publish your thesis? Our easy-to-use content-builder allows you to add text, images, videos, pop-up content, galleries, interactives, and so much more.



Want custom content to use in your materials? From plug-and-play widgets to complex custom sites, Rowan has created a wide array of interactive educational content to serve the pedagogical needs of our partners. Put it on your site or in your digital content; no book required.

To see a small sample of what we’ve created, check out some examples of custom content:


COurse COntent Management

Our bookshelf is so much more than just a bookshelf. It acts as a single point of access for all digital course materials. Access not just Rowan interactive books, but also PDFs, articles, videos, assessments, and more.

Want to update your syllabus? Upload an addendum to your readings? Share an article with your class? Assess your students? This can now all be done from a single place.



For organizations who need trained and qualified instructors to teach the content in our signature books - such as Leadership Development - Rowan has an accomplished team of specialists who can teach, train, and assemble faculty. They are not just experts in teaching and faculty development, but also authors and editors of these books.

Learn more about their specialities here: